I use cloth to compose and tell personal stories-- to both celebrate and heal from the decades-long journey from childhood into early and later adulthood. In making storied constructions, I work to loosen the grip of longing for the times, places and opportunities of my past.

Cotton, silk, & wool fabric, seam binding, silk ribbon, leather, embroidery floss, 2013.

Pine Place.  Twill tape, seam binding, silk, notions, 2013.

Vintage waistband elastic, seam binding, 2013.

Twill tape, grosgrain ribbon, seam binding, 2013.

Found notions, tatting, twill tape, ribbon, flannel, 2013.

Twill tape, seam binding, middy braid, grosgrain ribbon, 2013.

Grosgrain ribbon, seam binding, 2013.

Notions, middy braid, vintage rag rug fragment, twill tape, 2013.